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Best products are the ones which don’t need an user manual. There is tremendous power in simplicity that can only be unleashed by clear & logical thinking. Simple. Clear. Logical - this is our guiding principle in every ounce of work we produce at Patronous. When every module, every API and every screen re-iterates this mantra, magic happens.

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E-commerce Applications

E-commerce Applications

We have specialized team of shopify developers who are able to install, setup, customize shopify app as per the requirment. We are also able to create customize api that can be usefull for any other applications like mobile app. We have a team of developers proficient at building E-commerce web and mobile applications using Shopify, React Native and Google Cloud.

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Mobile Apps Intro

Mobile Apps

In the past few years mobile has taken the world by a storm. It’s an age of pervasive computing where users expect web experiences to extend over a smaller screen that can fit in their pockets and our team specializes in building applications for Android & iOS platforms.We have developed several apps in Gaming, Healthcare, Social Networks and E Commerce Domain.

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Web Intro

Web Applications

We specialize in building apps that can be accessed via a web browser on a computer, laptop or your iPads. With deep expertise in major public cloud providers - AWS & Google Cloud, our team has helped several clients in building, deploying and operating their cloud applications.

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Testing Introduction


With increasingly competitive marketplaces and reducing user attention spans, apps that wish to succeed have to operate within a very narrow error margin. Our Quality Assurance Services guarantee complete code coverage and make sure that your apps have the best experiences needed to succeed with your users!

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Transforming Ideas

Transforming Ideas Into Beautiful Products

The Process


We understand your idea and help in refining it into a winning strategy. We will work with you to carefully plan the steps needed to achieve a product market fit.


Our designers would understand your target user persona and demographics and develop a UX that would dazzle your users.


Our development team works in agile manner and executes the plan to perfection. We have daily updates via calls, emails with all the stakeholders and entire execution team.


Each project will be assigned a Project Manager who would create a day to day plan that would give you 100% clarity into deliverables and timelines.


We specialize in public cloud setup and deployment. We will help deploy and scale your application providing all the dev ops support as your app goes viral.


We will help in implementing FTUX, Email Campaigns and Analytics that would give you better understanding of your user base and help in growing your business.

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